Professional Details

Work Experience

  • Gazillion Entertainment
    July 2011 − Present
  • Senior Character Artist
    Responsible for creating 3D assets, textures, and shaders for Unreal real time game engine based on super heroes from Marvel Comics.
  • Evil Eye Pictures
    February 2011 − July 2011
  • Modeling Lead/Texture/Look Dev/Matte Paint Artist
    Responsible for creating 3D assets, textures, and envrionments for motion picture projects.
  • Northern Lights Post
    December 2010
  • Freelance Maya Generalist
    Constructed digital car interior parts for replacement and integration in to a real world vehicle for an automotive commercial.
  • Ex'pression College
    June 2010 − August 2010
  • Instructor
    Taught courses in Modeling I and Advanced Dynamic Effects.
  • Spy Post
    January 2010 − June 2010
  • Digital Artist and Modeling Lead
    Responsible for hard surface and character modeling for the motion picture Priest. Worked closely with other departments to create the desired look in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Eveo, Inc.
    September 2009 − December 2009
  • Maya Generalist
    Responsibilities included modeling, texture painting, shader building and scene layout and lighting for medical imaging and visualization.
  • XYZ Graphics
    July 2009 − September 2009
  • Freelance Modeler and Texture Artist
    Modeled various things for print, billboard and other types of advertising. Renders were extremely high resolution and creative solutions had to be found for the unique problems that created. Subject material was varied from custom automobiles, air conditioning units and football helmets.
  • Frantic Films
    March 2009 − July 2009
  • Senior Modeler and Texture Artist
    Worked remotely with multiple teams located in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Spokane on development, modeling and texturing of multiple high resolution creature models for Tree of Life. Anatomical research to ensure accuracy, modeling, sculpting and texturing were all among the job requirements.
  • The Orphanage
    January 2007 − February 2009
  • Modeling Supervisor
    Oversaw a team modelers for The Battle of Red Cliff creating boats for the battle sequences and digital doubles for the soldiers and horses. Worked directly with VFX Supervisor, Craig Hayes, to ensure the quality and accuracy of the outsourced models at multiple resolutions.

  • Hard Surface Modeler and Layout Artist
    On Live Free or Die Hard modeled the semi-truck and the freeway for the final sequence. Set up the scalable UV system for the freeway allowing reuse of textures accross multiple geometries. Also created the lay-out for most of the Jet Sequence.

  • Pipeline Software Developer
    Worked with Dan McNamara on the R&D team to redesign the pipeline for The Orphanage. I was personally involved in writing a Standards System which interacted with Maya and other applications automating resolutions and formats across the studio. I developed tools for the studio across platforms and projects.

  • Matte Painting and Environments
    Created projections and paintings for the Gulmira sequence and worked closely with the matte painting supervisors providing rendered elements for the film Iron Man. Was responsible for matte paintings in the naval battle sequence in the film Red Cliff. Created many matte paintings for Orphanage Commercial Productions.
  • Giant Killer Robots
    February 2004 − December 2006
  • Modeling Supervisor
    Supervised a team of 4 modelers on Spider-Man 3 who developed the cavern models for subway battle sequence. Supervised 3 modelers on Happy Feet on the creation of the mountain bobsled sequence and modeled the final mountain collapse.

  • Hard Surface and Organic Modeler
    Created assets for films such as Fantastic Four, The Producers, and The Fountain

  • Lighting Artist and TD
    On films such as Poseidon and The Producers

Technical Skills


  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Photoshop
  • Topogun
  • SolidWorks


  • Python
  • MEL
  • C


University of California, Santa Cruz

1998 - 2003
B.A. (Double Major) , Film & Digital Media (Production Emphasis) + Computer Science (Hardware Engineering & Graphic Software Design)


  • Regent's Scholar - University Of California - Santa Cruz
  • Steck Award - University Of California (two time recipient)
  • Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern - University Of California
  • Alumni Association Scholar - University Of California